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What our customers are saying!


"I asked them to develop a new logo and they hit it out of the park. I was very happy with the results. Thanks"



"They are great. Amazing service and my sound system is absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to go back so they can make it sound even better" --Chris


"Their customer service is top notch. If it's not right, they'll fix it. Kudos to Caleb for taking care of his customers, going beyond average customer service for sure. Thanks again guys!! -- Skyler


"Thanks for the follow through, it's appreciated. In addition, the visit to your store was very pleasant and your professionalism in keeping our schedule, honoring the price and doing quality work has not gone unnoticed. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future.

P.S. Whether intentional or not, the Christian song included in your (appropriate) music mix was a nice touch.

Please Pass my comments on as you see fit." --James


"Words cannot even begin to describe the excellence of this business!! The customer service is above and beyond satisfaction and their work sells itself!! Completely amazing!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

I would recommend Vision Audio @ Cameron Mo. to be #1 in all your customer needs!! -- Shaunda


"Great guys that do incredible work! Repeatedly work with them on a professional level and couldn't be happier with how they take care of mutual clients. Great Job Vision Audio" --Luke


"Only place i will ever go for my customizing needs. Year or so ago bought a beautiful sound system from these guys and still playing loud and proud until this day! They are quick to find answers to questions and more than happy to offer estimates. They treat you well and go above and beyond to help you find what

you are looking for. Looking forwards to continuing business with them for many years to come!  -- Ronye


"OMG,  my family and I came into Vision Audio last year and got new system in our new car and we love it!!!

We get compliments on it all the time, and the staff there were great, they did just what we wanted and helped us get a great deal for it! Love you guys!" -- Crystal


"You guys always have my business. Not only will i not do business with anyone else, but there actually isn't a better place to go in my opinion! Thanks a lot, by the way the horn sounds great. I am making bad drivers more aware one individual at a time"  -- Kelly


"Just want to day thanks to Shane and the Vision Audio staff for creating one hell of a H1 Hummer. The sound system is by far the best i have heard in any vehicle- EVER!"  -- The Bradley Law Firm